Playing Under the Piano – Book Tour

In Conversation with Hugh Bonneville

1st September 2022

I’ve written a book called Playing Under the Piano, and during October and November I’ll be skipping around the country talking about it.

Maybe you’ll come along to one of the events.
Maybe you’ll buy the book.
Maybe you’d rather eat your own young.
The choice, dear reader, is yours.

Dates and venues:

15 October, 7.30pm | Cadogan Hall, LONDON
Book Tickets (via Fane) | Book Tickets (via Cadogan Hall)

15 October, 7.30pm | ONLINE LIVE STREAM from Cadogan Hall & ON DEMAND for One Week
Book Tickets

16 October, 1pm | The Forum, CHELTENHAM
Book Tickets

20 October, 7.30pm | Graylingwell Chapel, CHICHESTER
Book Tickets

21 October, 8pm | Octagon Auditorium, YEOVIL
Book Tickets (via Octagon Theatre) | Book Tickets (via Yeovil Lit Fest)

23 October, 5pm | Octagon Centre, SHEFFIELD
Book Tickets

24 October, 7.30pm | Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, GUILDFORD
Book Tickets

26 October, 7.30pm | Stag Theatre, SEVENOAKS
Book Tickets

30 October, 7.30pm | Rother College Theatre, MIDHURST
Book Tickets

31 October, 8pm | Younger Hall, ST ANDREWS
Book Tickets

1 November, 7.30pm | Tom Fleming Centre, EDINBURGH
Book Tickets

6 November, 6pm | Electric Palace, BRIDPORT (with Julian Fellowes)
Book Tickets  *SOLD OUT*  Contact Bridport Literary Festival for the waiting list.

13 November, 5pm | Baillie Gifford Ballroom, STRATFORD-UPON-AVON
Book Tickets

19 November, 6pm | Cambridge Union, CAMBRIDGE
Book Tickets

24 November, 7.30pm | MCT at Alleyn’s School, DULWICH
Book Tickets

Playing Under the Piano: From Downton to Darkest Peru will be published on 13th October 2022 (UK & the rest of the world) and 8th November 2022 (US & Canada). It can be pre-ordered here.



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