Ben Hur

First Aired: December 2011

2 part drama for ABC. Broadcast on Channel5.

The epic tale about friendship and betrayal; set in Rome and Judea in the 1st Century AD, with Joseph Morgan as Ben Hur and Stephen Campbell Moore as Messalla. Adapted by Alan Sharp from the novel by General Lew Wallace and directed by Steve Shill (Rome, The Tudors, Obsessed).

Hugh plays Pontius Pilate.

Broadcast in Canada on 4th & 11th April 2010.


Alan Sharp


Joseph Morgan, Stephen Campbell Moore, Emily VanCamp, James Faulkner, Kristin Kreuk, Ben Cross, Sim?n Andreu, Alex Kingston, Art Malik, Ray Winstone, Marc Warren


Steve Shill


Roger Corbi; Simon Vaughan

Production Co:

Alchemy TV; ABC

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