Uncle Vanya

When: 14th February - 20th April 2025, USA

Berkeley Repertory Theatre, CA. 14th February – 23rd March 2025, Peet’s Theatre.
Shakespeare Theatre Company, DC. 30th March – 20th April 2025, Harman Hall.

When the distinguished elderly owner of a rural estate returns with a new, young wife, Yelena, chaos erupts. Tensions run high, marriages reach their limits, confessions—and vodka—flow freely, and weapons are drawn.

Hugh plays Uncle Vanya, in this heartbreaking comedy about the eternal battle between futility and change.

“I’m delighted to be returning to the stage in Uncle Vanya and am particularly excited to be performing in not one but two prestigious American theatres. With Simon Godwin directing, and with the team we are assembling, I know we’ll give audiences a wonderful theatrical experience of wit, warmth, and human frailty, so brilliantly evoked in Chekhov’s timeless tale of flawed characters muddling through life.”


Berkeley Repertory Theatre – 24/25 Season Subscription available now. Single tickets on sale 11th December.

Shakespeare Theatre Company – Full Season tickets available now.


Anton Chekhov, Conor McPherson (adapted)


Simon Godwin

Production Co:

Shakespeare Theatre Company; in association with Berkeley Repertory Theatre

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