Coming Soon

The following projects, involving Hugh Bonneville, are in production or simply due for release in the near future.  Click on a project to find out more about it.

The Europeans

5 x 14 min series for BBC Radio 4.  Book of the Week.  Hugh reads Orlando Figes’ account of a love triangle at the heart of a culture revolution in Europe.  


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Downton Abbey: Behind the Scenery with Hugh Bonneville

1 x 60min radio documentary for BBC Radio Berkshire (1pm), Radio Oxford (2pm), and Radio Solent (5pm).  Hampshire resident Hugh Bonneville (who plays Lord Grantham) re-visits some of the filming locations in the South of England used in the...


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Downton Abbey

Feature film.  Based on the TV series.  Hugh plays Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham.  


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Jingle Jangle

Musical for Netflix.  A toy maker struggles to get his magical new invention to work in time for Christmas.  Hugh plays Delacroix (cameo).  


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