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The following projects, involving Hugh Bonneville, are in production or simply due for release in the near future.  Click on a project to find out more about it.

Secret Life of the Forest

4 x 60 min documentary for Channel 5.  A tribute to Kielder Forest, England’s largest woodland, as it changes with the seasons.  Hugh narrates.  


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New Forest: The Crown’s Hunting Ground

1 x 60 min documentary for the Smithsonian Channel UK.  Hugh Bonneville guides viewers through a year in the New Forest National Park in southern England, home to ancient woods, mossy mires and rich heathlands.  Hugh on the documentary:...


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Downton Abbey 2

Feature film. Post-production.  Hugh plays Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham.  


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One Cup, A Thousand Stories

6 x 50 min episodes for Migu/BBC.  Documentary series telling the story of tea in China and around the world.  Hugh narrates.  


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I Came By

Feature film for Netflix. Post-production.  Neo-noir thriller set in London. A young graffiti artist discovers a shocking secret which puts him and those closest to him in danger.  Hugh plays Hector Blake.  


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Never Forget Tibet

90 min feature / 60 min documentary.  The film follows the Dalai Lama as he returns to the Tibetan borderlands for the first time to retrace his remarkable journey and escape into exile in 1959.  Hugh narrates.  


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The Amazing Maurice

Animated feature film for Sky Cinema. Post-production.  Adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s novel, The Amazing Maurice And His Educated Rodents.  Maurice, a streetwise ginger cat, befriends a horde of talking rats and a boy who plays...


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