French Film

First Released: May 2009

Feature film.

A film about the French, the British, the movies, and the language of Love.

Journalist Jed Winter is preparing to interview celebrated French film-maker Thierry Grimandi, a self-appointed expert on the nature of love. Jed dismisses Grimandi’s theories as pretentious nonsense but when his own long-term girlfriend insists on couple counselling, Jed has to review his own life.

Hugh plays Jed Winter.


Aschlin Ditta


Anne-Marie Duff, Victoria Hamilton, Douglas Henshall, Eric Cantona


Jackie Oudney


Rachel Connors; Judy Counihan; Arvind Ethan David; Stewart Le Marechal

Production Co:



Monte Carlo Comedy Film Festival 2008: Best Actor (Hugh Bonneville), Best Screenplay (Aschlin Ditta)

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