Paddington: first look at a bigger, grislier version of the marmalade-loving bear

Article by Ellie Walker-Arnott for the Radio Times

10th June 2014
Source: Radio Times

Paddington Bear is back in a new live-action movie, starring Colin Firth, Peter Capaldi, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins.

Paddington Bear is back in Britain. And he’s bigger and grislier than ever.

The first images from the live-action Paddington film show the Peru-born, marmalade-sandwich-loving mammal in all his glory (compared to the teaser trailer where we only really got a good look at his iconic red hat.) And he’s a million miles away from the bear Michael Bond’s creation has become in recent years.

He still has a kindly look around his eyes and an approachable smile. But he’s a lot more like the Spectacled Bear species he’s based on than modern-day Paddington illustrations and cutesy stuffed toys. Perhaps it’s the perspective but he looks practically human-sized in front of Buckingham Palace…

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