Who Is Hugh Bonneville’s Favourite Hugh?

Interview by Gena-mour Barrett for Netflix IX

3rd September 2022

Hugh Bonneville gives his opinion on nine hot topics in his Netflix IX interview. He ranks his favourite bears (watch out Paddington!), favourite Hughs and even reveals his ultimate dream bon-bon flavour. Hugh stars in Babak Anvari’s I Came By, now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix IX is hosted by Gena-mour Barrett.

0:00 – The Hugh Bonneville’s Netflix IX Interview
0:15 – What’s it like playing a villain?
– Who is your favourite villain of all time?
– Are you a thriller fan or a chicken?
1:54 – Do you have a favourite thriller?
– Who is the most famous person who has ‘come by’ your house?
– Rank the bears!
– Hugh’s Choice

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