Jesus: Countdown to Calvary

First Aired: November 2019

1 x 60min documentary for RTÉ, ARTE and APT.

Hugh Bonneville reveals how a perfect storm of political intrigue, power struggles and clashing religious passions combined, in a single week, to cause the event that changed the world: the killing of Jesus.

Speaking on location in Israel, Hugh said, “This is a place where history and faith come together. Whether you are a person of faith or of none, you cannot escape the fact that the last six days of this man’s life, and his death, changed the world.

“I’m not going to chart the religion that grew out of these events. I’m interested in the events themselves: what happened in that final week of Jesus’ life, how he died, why he died and who killed him.”

The documentary aired from March-April 2018 on APT in the US; 27th March 2018 on ABC in Australia; 1st April 2018 on RTÉ in Ireland. It later aired on PBS America on 15th November 2019 in the UK.


Ray Bruce

Production Co:



Wilbur Awards 2019: TV Documentary (30 min+)
NY Festivals TV & Film Awards 2019: Religious Programs - Bronze World Medal

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