The Gold

When: February 2023

6 x 60min series for BBC1 (UK) and Paramount+ (US).

Drama inspired by the true story of the Brink’s-Mat robbery and the decades-long chain of events that followed.

Hugh plays DCS Brian Boyce.


Neil Forsyth


Jack Lowden, Dominic Cooper, Charlotte Spencer, Tom Cullen, Emun Elliott, Sean Harris, Ellora Torchia, Stefanie Martini, Daniel Ings, James Nelson-Joyce, Sophia La Porta, Dorothy Atkinson, Adam Nagaitis, Hadley Fraser, Silas Carson, Sean Gilder, Nichola Burley, Amanda Drew, Sam Spruell, Frankie Wilson, Paul Thornley, Dan Li, Chris Coghill, Micah Balfour, Ruth Bradley, Peter Davison


Aneil Karia, Lawrence Gough


Charlie Leech

Production Co:

Tannadice Pictures and VIS, for BBC and Paramount+

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