W1A – Series 3

First Aired: September 2017

6 x 30min series.

W1A returns for more antics at the Beeb.

The cameras will be following Ian and his team during and post Charter Renewal, reacting to the BBC’s new mission statement of doing More Of Less, which as Head of Output Anna Rampton (Sarah Parish) describes as being about “putting what we do best front and centre and about identifying better ways of doing less of it more”.

Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville), Head of Values, says: “We are lucky to have the cameras back at an exciting time for the BBC. In a period where we’re looking to identify as many Creative Efficiency Opportunities as possible we’ve been faced with some tough choices, but the good news about that is that in lots of ways tough choices are actually easier than easy choices because there are fewer options to choose from so that’s all good.”


John Morton


Jessica Hynes, Sarah Parish, Jason Watkins, Monica Dolan, Nina Sosanya, Ophelia Lovibond, Hugh Skinner, Jonathan Bailey, David Westhead, Rufus Jones


John Morton


Paul Schlesinger

Production Co:

BBC Studios

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