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Paddington Takes the Test

Audiobook. Available from HarperAudio.  ‘All this could...

Audiobook. Available from HarperAudio.  ‘All...

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Paddington on Top

Audiobook. Available from HarperAudio.  Up until now Paddington...

Audiobook. Available from HarperAudio.  Up...

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On the Record

Paddington Audiobooks

Posted on: 7th Jul 2016

I have recorded a number of Paddington audiobooks which will be released...

I have recorded a number of Paddington audiobooks...

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In a South Downs Way

Posted on: 28th Jun 2016

So. Now we can all sit back, watch the fireworks and enjoy the music… Damian...

So. Now we can all sit back, watch the fireworks and...

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Recent Media

On Account of Downton

Interview by Benji Wilson

For six seasons, viewers could not get enough of Masterpiece’s Downton...

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Hugh Bonneville on returning to the stage in Chichester

Interview by Jenny Mark-Bell

Hugh Bonneville had a starring role in one of the UK’s biggest ever television...

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New Arrivals

Paddington at Large [Audiobook]

On 14th Jul 2016 (UK), 14th Jul 2016 (USA)

'Even Paddington can't come to much harm in half an hour,' said Mrs Brown optimistically. But who else other than Paddington could hang Mr Curry's lawnmower from a treetop or set Father Christmas' beard on fire?

Paddington Abroad [Audiobook]

On 14th Jul 2016 (UK), 14th Jul 2016 (USA)

Paddington is in charge of the 'eyetinnery', and, as Mrs Bird mutters darkly, 'There's no knowing where we might end up.'

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Hugh’s Past Projects Archive


Past Projects

A full and accurate archive of all of Hugh's previous work

Hugh Bonneville has been working on TV, film and theatre projects since 1986. Visit the date ordered past projects archive to see for yourself what Hugh has been up to since then.

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